Stand Up and Stand Proud is an organization focused on  Veterans creating Stand Up and Stand Proud Benefits and events, helping veterans... one ride at a time.Our mission is to foster understanding among the motorcycle community to the needs of the veterans who have served their country faithfully. We seek to provide financial funding, and specific item based needs to the Veteran Community through local community outreach services and facilities including Stand Downs purposed for Helping Homeless Veterans.Our commitment to veterans is unwavering, our support to the Veteran is specific, and we do this through American Patriots giving back to their community.

Helping Veterans in Need ...


Stand Up and Stand Proud’s vision is a Christian centered belief to help our fellow man, that our Veterans “Never be Forgotten” and that as American’s, we remember their sacrifice’s for God, Country and our most treasured freedoms... ​


​All Veterans deserve our honor, respect and our thanks. Some need more... help us help those, who need more than our thanks. When duty calls, accept that call to duty. Support your freedom and their sacrifices.Donate and volunteer so that “No Veteran will ever be forgotten."

Tom & Valerie Steinhagen in preparation for their ​Salute to American Veterans in Sturgis. SD during Bikeweek to raise money for Cornerstone Rescue Mission

Helping Homeless Veterans and Veterans in need.  "Some Gave All... All Gave Some.

Help those who have preserved your freedoms.